Christ Healing the Blind , 1570 by El Greco

El Greco spent most of his working life in Spain, but this work was completed circa 1570, six years before he arrived in Spain.

The work, which is painted in oil on canvas, was gifted to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York by the Wrightsmans in 1978. The dimensions of the painting are 47 x 57.5 inches.

The theme of the painting is the New Testament story of Jesus restoring the sight of a blind man by anointing his eyes.

Apart from Jesus and the blind man, who is on one knee in front of him, there are several other figures in the painting. A male and female are depicted in the foreground looking on as Christ is placing his fingers on the blind man's eyes.

To the right, a group of men are also looking on. The background shows rich architectural buildings.